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Dispute API

Dispute API
Dispute API is a technical interactive language for Dispute Plus. Dispute API is a set of actions that the user normally performs in the Dispute Plus web interface: initiate a new dispute case, respond to an incoming dispute case, add a comment.

Using Dispute API, developers can embed these actions into the bank’s internal systems. Then a user can initiate a dispute case by clicking a button in the internal system, and not have to go into the Dispute Plus web interface. Version 0.1 of Dispute API enables the following actions:

  • 1
    Initiate a dispute case
  • 2
    Responde to a dispute case
  • 3
    Comment on a dispute case
  • 4
    Get a list of all initiated dispute cases
  • 5
    Get detailed information about a dispute case as a PDF report

Dispute API is a part of the Dispute Plus system. NSPK developed and operates Dispute API in full accordance with the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security System (PCI DSS). Participants only have access to test bench at https://disputecert.nspk.ru. Any active Dispute Plus user or administrator account can be used for authentication.

To obtain testing support and get advice, the Participant must create an issuee on the Support portal (hereinafter, the "Portal") under «06. Disputes and Arbitration (Name of Participant)».

To test Dispute API, Vendors must create an issue on the Portal under «06. Disputes and Arbitration (Name of Vendor)» to create an account and a set of test data.
To connect to the Dispute API industrial test bench, the Participant must create an issue on the Portal under «06. Disputes and Arbitration (Name of Participant)».

The method of connection to Dispute API will be negotiated with each Participant individually depending on its capacities and the existing parameters of network connection to OPCC.

Changes history

Release Date Changes
1.8 28.07.2020 Added a new transaction type Purchase with Cash Back and settlement via Good Faith fees.
1.7 23.06.2020 Added a description of the interaction the Acquirer with the Merchant
1.6 03.03.2020
1.5 30.10.2019 Description of the Good Faith cases logic was added
1.4 26.10.2018 Description of new reasons for the Dispute case initiation was added: "Credit not processed" and "Refusal of credit "
1.3 24.08.2018 Description of the Compliance cases logic was added
1.2 23.08.2018 Description of the Dispute and Fraud cases logic was added
1.1 21.08.2018 The CreateBp method was changed: BpCode parameter was added
1.0 04.06.2018 Initial version